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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  November 28, 2012 11:30pm-12:29am PST

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s. storm clouds gather beneath tonight's full mune. the first storm moved through today and a bigger storm can coming up. >> we are on storm watch as the bay area braces for the next wave of rain. the next series of storms is forecasted to be much stronger than today.
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bill martin is tracking the next storm's arrival. we begin in the south bay with. it was a windy day here, so much that the wind toppled this tree. this is just some of the mess left behind. >> reporter: it's a muddy walk from the door to the driveway at this family's home in san jose. the remodel is going to stay like this. >> it's pushed things back. hauling things out, he couldn't bring in a tractor because there was so much mud. >> reporter: the storm did little to help south bay ressive wars, currently at 75% of average for this time of year. >> the ground was dry, so we expected the water to just kind
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of soak in. now the ground is wet, so we're hoping the next series of storms will bring waters into the ressive wars. >> we had about 20 trees that were damaged by a broken limb or fell over. >> the city of san jose has free sand bags ready for residents and its equipment is ready to go. >> as soon as it starts raining they'll be out in the street. >> reporter: one problem? the colorful fall leaves clogging storm drains. >> at the peak there were 18,700 people without power. i just talked to p and g and they tell us there's about 150 customers in the dark. they expect to have them back online by 7:00 a.m. storm number one went
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through during the morning commute. it made a mess. it was wet and windy the check out the rainfall totals. not a heavy rain event as far as winter storms, but it was went. over an inch in santa rosa. what does it mean? well we're doing real well year to date. 102% in santa rosa. 106% of average in san francisco. 59% of average in san jose. here's a promise i will make you. when we come back on monday, all the averages are going to be well over 100% of average. 100, 125% of average. your complete forecast coming up. crews worked to remove a tree that is leaning on some power lines. >> there was kind of a flash boom and the power went out. >> the tree that fell is in the 1300 block of brown street and came down during the high winds and rain this morning.
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neighbors say it took pg&e nearly four hours to arrive and turnoff the power. >> the lake is full. at 100% of capacity before today's rain which is expected to increase capacity even further. you can see water is overflowing into the spillway. phoenix lake is one of sevennen sevennen -- seven ressive wars. >> a ground delay is in effect. at least 90 flights in and out were canceled today. others delayed up to 3 hours. the airport says more cancellations and delays are expected when the next storm hits. it's supposed to hit the
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north bay first. amber lee is live in napa and tells us the smaller waterways can rise faster and sooner than the larger ones. >> flood control district tells us the concern is the napa creek. crews will be stationed here if it overflows. >> this culvert was completed last year. you can see the large steal grates over the front -- steel grates are to prevent debris from entering. >> reporter: he says this is part of the $400 million napa river control product. flood capacity is 9 feet. >> the creek rises much more quickly and what we need to do is manage debris that flows in the creek during a flood. >> this metal grate called a
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trash wreck is designed to keep large objects such as fallen trees from clogging the creek and preventing water from flowing. >> this is st. john's catholic school. this is the food of 86. >> reporter: the owner of henry's bar showed us a photo of one of several floods that devastated downtown napa. the break in the tomorrow and the flood district's improvements will hopefully keep the creek and the river from overflowing. >> we're told if needed crews will be stationed here starting at 6:00 tomorrow night to monitor the creek. reporting live here in napa, amber lee channel2 news. stay with us for the next
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round of heavy rain. bill returns at 10:20 with tomorrow's forecast and how the time table will affect your day. we'll break down just how much rain is expected by the series of storms. and then your complete forecast that takes us all the way through the weekend. homicide investigators are on the scene of a fatal shooting in east oakland. police heard gunshots in the area of moore park and russets at about 8:00 tonight. officers found a car with a man shot to death inside and was pronounced dead at the scene. police tell us they are canvassing that area looking for clues. a search is underway for a missing 16-year-old girl who social workers say has had mental capacity of a 6-year- old. she was living at a residential treatment center in oakland. the staff says they last saw
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her at the fruit veil bart station where she was talking to two men between the ages of 17-25. she has brown hair and eyes. in nine minutes the chain of events that turned to tragedy leaving two bay area families grieving and two young girls dead. a fire prompted an evacuation at the grocery store in murin county. fire investigators say the roof of trader joe's caught on fire in a few spots, but there was no major damage. an employee told us they smelled smoke and then evacuated. it appears the fire was caused by faulty wiring on the out- door christmas lights. the coach of the 49ers is not waiting until the last minute this week. today he announced collin cappernick is going to star on sunday against the st. louis
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rams. he will be starting his third consecutive game. the coach says he has hot hands after two straight wins. he took over for alex smith who suffered a concussion but is now recovered. former san francisco giants star barry bonds is making his first appearance on baseball's hall of fame ballot. rob roth tells us that is once again pumping up the steroid controversy. >> reporter: judgment day on baseball's steroid era is near. five years have passed since home run king barry bonds played his last game and for the first time his name appears on the hall of fame ballot that was released today. so does the picture of roger clemens.
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all suspected of steroid use. do they deserve to be in the hall of fame? >> this is the hardest ballot. >> reporter: john shay is approximately one of 600 baseball writers who gives a vote. he says it's a tough call, but he just can't vote for players who have used performance enhancing drugs. >> if he's in it's a shame and if he's out it's a shame. it's a no win. >> some people may view this has black and white. this is the ultimate gray area of baseball. >> at the dugout stored to shoppers loaded up on giants gear and most voiced support for bonds despite everything. >> we don't know how many pitchers and batters were using them at the time. >> those elected to the hall of fame are set to be announced
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january 9th, but the sportswriters have to have ballots in by december 31st. robert handa, channel2 news. >> bonds told major league today quote, if you believe i'm a bad person, if you believe i'm a drug person, then that's fine. no worries. i'm okay with it. if you want to put me in for what i did as a player that would be great. i would love to be in there with everyone else who deserves it. the next storm will be bigger than the last. i'll lay out the track and when it will reach your area. >> a father's daughter who was one of music's, ready !
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encantada. share everything. this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. tonight a powerball jackpot of $579.9 million has folks all across the county dreaming some big dreams. but california is one of the few states that actually does not participate in that drawing. eric tells us what they soon could change. >> this store has a rap for producing some big winners. some people came hoping to play powerball. instead they had to settle for superlotto. but officials could add it to
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the lineup when they meet tomorrow. >> tonight we have got an estimated -- >> reporter: the powerball website crashed before the host could read the winning numbers for the big jackpot, but the odds were already against anyone from california. it's just one of eight states that doesn't participate in the powerball game. >> i actually had a dream and my mom who passed away five years ago told him go buy lotto tonight. >> they spent over $200 tonight. like the millions who lined up around the country, they would have preferred powerball and now it seems they are going to get their wish. >> i think it's appropriator and that's why we've take -- appropriate and that's why we've taken these steps. >> reporter: negotiations for california to join powerball began in june. >> lottery officials say
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scratchoffs are still the number one seller in california, but it could add even more money to education. >> reporter: cavnow's liquors has seen big jackpots bring big crowds before. and just the thought of putting money on the table has people ready to crase the dream again. >> if lottery commissioners approve that deal to add it in california as expected tomorrow, the game could be here by april of next year. we're live in san lorenzo. california lottery sales total nearly $2 billion each year. at least 87% are required to go to prizes or to help fund education. last year the california lottery contributed more than
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$1.1 billion to california schools. as for tonight's drawing, here are the numbers if you had a friend buy you a ticket. the numbers are 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the powerball is 6. a tense stand-off at a home in sacramento county where an animal control officer was shot and killed this morning. police have surrounded that home ug20 miles south of the state capitol. a 65-year-old man was evicted when an animal control officer arrived to remove some pets, he was shot and killed. they have had two brief phone conversations with the gunman who is now barricaded inside the home. a judge ordered a fair field man to stand trial for the murder of a police officer. 39 henry smith is charged with murder and several special circumstance allegations that could result in the death
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penalty if he's convicted. vallejo police officer james kapoo was gunned down. three sheriff's deputies have been cleared of any wrong doing for shooting at a man who opened fire in a quarry in cooper teeno. he shot himself and killed three co workers and injuring six more. prosecutors say that deputies will not face criminal charges. police chase through the streets of oakland ended with a crash. it ended at park avenue shortly after 4:00 today. police say minutes earlier two officers tried to stop the black van seen in this video. they say the people inside were suspected gang members. when police tried to pull them over the driver took off. after the crash all five people
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inside ran away. police in oakland are trying to figure out who killed two girls. one 15 years old, the other 16 years old. rita williams found out what happened hours before the two best friends were caught in a hail of gun fire. >> reporter: a heartbroken father this afternoon was doing the unthinkable. making arrangements to bury his only daughter raquel gerstel, another victim of oakland's violence. >> it's tragic. i'm devastated. she was my heart. >> reporter: saturday night, she went to visit a friend. he says he got worried when he didn't hear from her. monday night his frantic search for her ended at the morgue. >> they wouldn't show me her body. only a picture. >> reporter: he now knows someone shot and killed her and
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her best friend bobbie sartain here near brook dale park near 6:00 sunday morning. steve davis, a retired firefighter said the bullets just kept coming. three hit his house. six bullets hilt a car, but most of them -- hit a car, but most hit the two girls. >> just a few hours earlier and less than a mile away, bobbie sartain had an argument with her mother's boyfriend. she said he told here if she couldn't follow the rules she had to leave. she did and took her friend with her. >> i think justice is going to be served. and i'm not gonna rest until it is. >> reporter: oakland homicide victims 114 and 115, but to their families they were raquel gerstel and bobbie sartain. best friends in life and now in death. rita williams, channel2 news.
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getting a break right now, but system number two is sitting off shore and teeing up. we are seeing some high clouds in advance, but this is going to be slow getting here. the next system has quite a bit of energy. more than the last one that went through and it's going to have a big impact on the friday morning commute. tomorrow morning look where the rain is, sitting up north. it's still up in the russian river drainage basin at noon. that basin is about 60 miles along. look what happens at 7:00. from 12:00 to 7:00 it's still sitting there raining. i wouldn't be surprised to see a flood advisory in the north bay. when we come back i'm going to take you all through your bay area week. this is something to watch. this rain sitting there that long. first lady michelle obama
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unveiled the white house christmas decorations today and she said this year's theme is joy for all. >> the joy of giving and service to others. the joy of sharing our blessings with one another and the joy of welcoming our friends and families into our homes over the next several weeks. >> the guests were military families and their children. this year the white house has 54 christmas trees. the largest tree features decorations made by children who's parents are stationed over seas. >> if we're luck enough to be able to
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the tug of war over same sex marriage in california may be resolved in the next few days. the supreme court is about to determine the future of prop 8. we're live at city hall to find out what officials are doing to prepare in case same sex is legalized. >> already they have made proper paperwork in anticipation of a bunch of same sex couples expected at city hall if the supreme court puts on end to proposition 8. >> this is a picture our mom had made for us. >> reporter: tom watson shared special mumentoes from his -- momentoes from his commit ceremony with his partner. he knows his wait for a legal ceremony may soon be over.
11:55 pm
the justices are expected to determine on friday whether to appeal the voter approved ban on same sex marriage. >> we have to be propaired for any po-- prepared for any potentiality. >> the lower court decision holds and same sex marriages would resume likely within a week. he's asked for heads-up should that happen. >> we want to be prepared if marriages do start to have staff on hand because there could be crowds and. >> reporter: there was past protests and long lines when marriage was legal. many went for hours to apply for licenses and ceremonies went on for weeks. >> we want people to come in and have their license and get it married and have the it recorded. >> we'll make sure that anyone who wants to get married that
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day will get married. >> if the high court decides to take the case that could delay a ruling until next july. they could also decide to hold it case. it's a matter of days before we find out. i'm heather holmes. u.s. stock market seemed to rise and fall among the comments on the fiscal cliff. there was optimism that a deal could be reached before christmas. the dow is up 106, the nasdaq up 23. sales of single family homes are dow slightly. a .3% decline was reported today showing a slow recovery for the housing market. economists expect home construction to add to economic growth this year. the megabus service is
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coming back. the expanded service area includes los angeles, sacramento and reno. and it begins december 12th. fares start as low at $1 for advanced bookings. the price goes up as your travel date gets closer. previously served the west coast back in 2007 and 2008. a 15-year-old faces a judge on charges of attempted murder of a police
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back now to our storm watch coverage.
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and you are tracking some significant rainfall. >> it's going to add up and be cumulative through the next few days. take a look at a map of northern california. as we get to sunday we're talking over ten inches of rain. the north bay could see seven to eight inches and the bay area proper, 4 inches of rain. the santa cruz mountains could see a foot of rain. crews in san francisco were busy passing out sand bags and responding to flooded streets. dave clark what lessons they learned from the past san francisco's department of public works planned sand bag distribution for the next several days. >> we have giv out approximately 200 sand bags so far. >> reporter: the skies cleared
12:01 am
by midday leaving behind blooding that prompted the closing of the highway at lotten street. >> i just went through the puddle and then my car just stalled. so i guess the water just went into the hood. >> reporter: here flooding is strongest in the city's mission district at fulsome and 17th streets. here a restaurant and art gallery was flooded. >> this is a low lying area. this used to be a lagoon. when we have that coupled with high tides, the water has noplace to go. >> there was confusion when sand bags would be available and whether city workers would help secure the site. >> i see the city is finally trying to help us, but it took two days of phone calls. >> sand bags could be picked up at the agency's operation center. proof of residency is required
12:02 am
and there's a limit of ten bags per household. and at you can track the next round of weather. we've also posted sand bag pickup locations. the owner of a berkeley medical marijuana collective that was ordered to close down says he can't afford to battle the city any longer. the berkeley city council declared the business a nuisance and orded it to shut down. it's located on sacramento seven the counsel says it's violating zoning laws. he's been fighting the nearly $25,000 in fines he's facing, but says the council's declaration is too much. sptoday at his home in san francisco. the chronicle reports that rodriguez died after a long
12:03 am
battle with cancer. he was well known for his trash man comic. friends remember him as a friend, artist and radical. he was 72 years old. the public got its first look at a boy accused of a crime spree and murder in san jose. we're able to show you video despite the fact he's a juvenile. >> reporter: aldonis muldrow made his first appearance in court this afternoon. he never spoke as he faced numerous charges including murder and attempted murder of a peace officer in a shootout with police. his partner, jonathan woolbanks was arraigned on similar charges. he had been on the run before
12:04 am
being captured in concord friday night. the district attorney's office will try him as an adult. >> typically we look at the severity as well as the background of the juvenile. i can't comment on it, but i think the severity speaks for itself. >> reporter: he'll not face the death penalty or life in prison without patrol. he's unsure how the two cases will imact each other. but -- impact each other. >> the big question in this case is the relationship between those two parties. how long have they known each other. what influence if any did the adult have on this is 15-year- old. >> they return to enter pleas on december 15th. he remains in custody, but in a juvenile facility, not jail. a court in gym handed down a -- in egypt handed down a
12:05 am
death sentence to the film maker made by many names. he's currently behind bars for a bank fraud conviction. they tried him and he was charged with insulting the islamic religion. president obama touched on a number of issues ahead in his second term today. including middle class tax cuts and his ambassador to the united nations. she is thought to be on the short list to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. >> couldn't be prouder of the job that she's done. [ applause ] rice failed to win the support of two more republican senators today. many republicans have criticized her for her initial account of the benghazi consulate attack, which did not label it as a terrorist attack.
12:06 am
to be a fly on the wall at the white house tomorrow. president obama will be having mitt romney over for lunch. during his victory speech, the president said he would reach out to romney and consider some of his ideas talked about during the campaign. no media coverage is expected. the president of mexico has a new job lined up after his john ends in february. he will become a fellow at the. a big jackpot on the line. what we are just hearing from powerball officials about where winning tickets were sold. plus the demand in one city that's driving parking prices close to $100,000. back here in just about ten minutes and i've got that latest model that will take us
12:07 am
threw a bunch of rain. we'll have that back here in just a few. >> a new reward
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. a former democratic campaign consultant contradicted of defrauding a number of high profile clients was sentenced today to eight years in federal prison. they call him the burnie madoff. he stole at least $7 million. her loss was $4.5 million. a $50,000 reward is now being offered for information
12:10 am
that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who bombed two antilogging activists back in 1990. earth first activist judy barry and daryl churny were driving in oakland in may of 1990 when their car was ripped apart by a bomb underneath the passenger's sheet. the two were initially accused of transporting a bomb. the two won $4 million after suing for false accusation. they have released a new documentary and are now offering that new $50,000 rewards. anthem blue cross is looking to raise it's premiums 18%. they are the largest for profit health insurer in the state. the marge on its business is less than 1% and they expect to
12:11 am
lose money next year. a wal-mart store is closer to becoming the east bay's wal- mart supercenter. they ruled the city council was correct in approving expansion without looking at environmental issues. in afghanistan a new report is laying blame for the collapse of cobble bank. men at the bank and their cronies got rich using $861 million in fraudulent loans. cobbal bank was also run like a ponzi scheme. executives had two sets of books. one for regulators and one for themselves. a search of the gamut factory where 112 people died in a fire has revealed the american companies they were
12:12 am
making clothes for. items for disney and wal-mart were all made there. although it was not always with direct permission, sometimes it was through intermediaries. the high price of real estate now includes parking spaces. investor are actually buying them off in hong hong. a single parking spot recently sold for $88,000. one driver said the costs are just going to be keep rising. there is late world of at least two winning tickets in tonight's record setting powerball drawing. we learned the tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. the jackpot is a whopping $579 million. as reported earlier california's lottery commission meets tomorrow ask is expect to finalize plans to bring the powerball game here. a brazen jewelry store heist from a woman who saw it
12:13 am
happen up close. the robbery took one minute. now new clues that police hope will lead to an arrest. >> bill martin is fine tuning his all important five-day forecast. the next
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today wind and rain storm up rooted trees in sonoma county. you can see firefighters working to clear debris from the road. they said they are lucky no fires were started from down power lines. masked men armed with guns
12:16 am
and sledge hammers and it's all caught on tape. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capture the crime. two men targeting macy's fine you'llers. the owner asked that we not show her face. >> it was very scary because he was waving the gun all over and pointing at us and making us lay down. >> reporter: the thieves worked quickly smashing three cases with a sledge hammer and then raiding the safe. the whole crime took 1:15. >> they knew exactly what they wanted. >> reporter: and police think they may have done this before. in recent months there have been several similar heists nearby. >> this one happened in san pablo. >> just the way the things happened bear resembination to others that have happened in
12:17 am
the -- resemblance that have happened in the area. >> reporter: police hope someone in the area around noon tuesday might have spotted something. >> if really just takes one good break. >> reporter: the crime left employees nerves shattered along with the cases. >> it's just a very scary time and everybody needs to be very careful. >> anyone with information is asked to call los gatoes police. an evergreen school district employee is being hailed as a hero after rescuing two women from a fire in a mobile home along santiagoo avenue in san jose. jesus hernandez was driving by when he heard the women scream for help. he pulled them to safety. firefighters also rescued this
12:18 am
four-week old puppy. a notice sent to employees at children's hospital oakland and uc san francisco show a continued activity join operations. the merger could be financial beneficial for both organizations and the hospitals may combine research facilities. a letter of intent says both sides hope to reach a final augment by next summer. a new veterans memorial center in washington, d.c. the museum will be built behind the veterans memorial wall. there are more than 200,000 items in storage. photos of vets who died in vietnam, iraq and afghanistan will display on screens. the project is expected to be completed within the next two years. tracking the next weather
12:19 am
system. we're getting that break. we got some rain this morning and we're getting this nice break before this next series of systems moves in. and breaks are what we need. eureka, sacramento, they're going to be picking up a lot of green because there's going to be rain draped in the north bay that's going to sit up there. sit there for seven or eight hours according to the computer model. they're going to get a lot of rain north of santa rosa. the forecast shows for some light showers, but not a big deal. we'll be partly cloudy in the morning. in the bay area proper here's how the rain goes. there's more rain on the way. the first system lingers in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. so that's thursday into friday. saturday could be our break. superimportant here. because if this were just a run-
12:20 am
through these three heavy storms, you might have some flooding or problems with rivers. we're getting a break today. possibly lighter on saturday. and then sunday some heavy rain. here we are 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. now it's 6:00 p.m. look how far it's moved. the russian river drainage basin goes all the way up here, right? so now it's dumping rain bigtime. it drops a bit and now it's in san rafael. what's the big deal? we got nothing. now it starts to move. that's you morning commute. this will wake you up if you're not already up at 5:00 a.m. friday morning's commute is going to be more intense than this morning by maybe 20 or 30%. maybe a bit more. 10:00 a.m., will get the rain
12:21 am
moving through after mid morning is showers, slow commute and then back edge. that's the break. right? a good little break there at 8:00 a.m. on saturday. a few more showers show up at 8:00 a.m. on saturday and then a little bit of a break sunday. we're going to be dry tomorrow and wet as we go into friday. steve paulson gets her at 4:30 a.m. he'll update it, and i'll update it tomorrow night. that break is huge. if we can get some time
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some big news for the
12:25 am
radars. maybe this is a good thing. they're saying you don't play up to par, we're going to cut you. >> apparently the team has not hit rock bottom as of yet. the team is circling the drain on the field with a 30-8 record. tonight the story of former number one draft pick orlando mcclinleaks out. he's officially going to be released tomorrow. he missed practice today for unspecified reasons and was quoted from more than one source saying on his facebook page that he's weighing his options and looking forward to playing for a real team. that in itself is not going to go over well with a lot of nfl general managers around the leak. the 49ers named cullen capper nick the starter against the rams. we shouldn't have to hear about it until next monday.
12:26 am
that's it good news. the coach is insisting that alex smith has not been demoted. in other words the circus is going to continue for a while. what about the relationship between quarterback 1 and 1a? >> he helped me a lot last year going through our play book. how we're going to read different things, different progressions things like that. he's been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> i'm just loving the fact we try to get in the end zone and he just tries to make plays. he's showing he can be the starter in this league. i can't say too much about it, man. all i'm doing is going out and playing wide receiver and trying to make plays with the guy. >> down at the farm, stanford it's all about the football program. basketball squad is a little hard pressed for any attention. clean it up a little bit although they trailed by 3 at
12:27 am
halftime to little seattle. that's clark up on top. josh houston helps the cardinals score. ten blocked scots interest the cardinal. defense working the baseline a little bit. 68-57. the cardinals had last 3 of their last 4. the broncos go down in overtime. kevin foster, 27, for santa clara. a little extra curricular activity in boston. chris hump phrase knocked kevin gar net of the celtics down. and then he tangles a bit with mr. kim cardashian. automatic ejection and the celtics wind up losing the game. major money doled out tonight.
12:28 am
bj upton, he's going to the atlanta braves for $75 million. >> thank you for trusting us. we'll hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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